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Juniper’s program to convert Cisco trained engineers to Junos May 21, 2007

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JUNOS Enterprise Routing Certification Fast Track Program

The JUNOS Enterprise Routing Certification Fast Track program is specifically designed to enable Cisco routing certified professionals (CCP)-Cisco Certified Networking Associates (CCNA), Cisco Certified Networking Professionals (CCNP), and Cisco Certified Internetworking Engineers (CCIE)-to become Juniper Networks JUNOS-certified. Between May and December 2007, Juniper Networks will fast track them to maximize their education in the shortest amount of time-at no cost to them.

Networking professionals who achieve multiple certifications are now in greater demand than ever, commanding higher salaries and adding more value to high-end enterprises. Because of this increased need, we are pleased to provide them with this fast tracked way to become Juniper Networks JUNOS-certified. Normally, this certification program would cost them several thousand dollars, so we encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity now.

Enterprise Routing Certification Fast Track Web Portal
The JUNOS Enterprise Routing Certification Fast Track Web Portal contains all the Juniper Networks Education Services courseware, lab guides and diagrams, technical manuals, and the tools the CCP needs to become Juniper Networks JUNOS-certified. Specifically, they have access to the following materials:

    • JUNOS as a Second Language (JSL) eLearning course
    • Operating Juniper Networks Routers in the Enterprise (OJRE) student and lab guides
    • Advanced Juniper Networks Routing in the Enterprise (AJRE) student and lab guides
    • Hardware and software technical documentation
    • Basic installation eLearning courses
    • JNCIA-ER preassessment online exam

Enterprise Routing Certification Fast Track Program Process

• Step 1: Juniper Networks or J-Partner CAM/SE gives a known CCP a JUNOS Enterprise Routing Certification Fast Track Web Portal Access Card (either a physical card or an e-mail version). The access card contains the Web address for the JUNOS Enterprise Routing Certification Fast Track Web Portal. • Step 2: The CCP accesses the JUNOS Enterprise Routing Certification Fast Track Web Portal authorization page.• Step 3: The CCP completes the registration page and advances to the curriculum page to complete the following activities:
     • Take the JSL eLearning Course.
     • Study the OJRE course material and the JNCIA-ER exam objectives.
     • Review the hardware and software technical documentation and the eLearning installation courses as needed.
• Step 4: The CCP completes the Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate-Enterprise Routing (JNCIA-ER) online preassessment exam. Once he/she passes the preassessment exam, he/she will receive a voucher to take the practical exam at any Prometric
Center worldwide – at not cost to them.
• Step 5: After successfully completing the JNCIA-ER exam, the CCP will receive another voucher to take the Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist-Enterprise Routing (JNCIS-ER) exam at anyPrometric
Center worldwide-again at no cost to them! Formore information about the Prometric Testing Centers, please go to http://www.prometric.com



1. yousaf - May 24, 2007

hi i want to no i need dsl enter net in near the rahem yar khan to 50 maill away fath por kamal phone # era cod is 0685 ples halp me and send me mail at yousaftareen818@yahoo.com and send me ansar know i am in usa calefornea la ,,,bye

2. Mustafa - May 25, 2007

Yousaf, I didn’t get your point.

We are a Non-Profit entity & don’t sell DSL Connections either. Just to help you out – as per my ‘limited’ knowledge xDSL services is not available at RYK or it’s suburbs at this point.

Yousaf Tareen - May 9, 2013

^^This is Yousaf Tareen from USA after 6 years I am back.^^ send me email @ Tareen@computerittech.com also send me your call phone number then I can talk about my last comments !

3. usman - June 1, 2007

Hi, In which cities Juniper training courses are offered like Cisco Certification training?

4. Haseen Usman - November 7, 2007

Hello I want to know how many juniper certified peoples are working in pakistan well, and who is the 1st juniper certified specialist in Pakistan / Karachi if you know well, i just pass JN0-350 near about 2 weeks ago but i want some practicals so if you know any information about it tell me.
Take care


5. PHESIAMISSOLA - November 19, 2007

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6. Saim Rashid - January 8, 2008

where is the prometric centre for juniper exam in karachi Pakistan?

7. ShahzadMAsood - January 8, 2008

I am in UK. Planning to do CCNA but if JUNIPER is free then i will go for it. what i should do?

8. Raza Waheed - January 26, 2008

go for free 1st then think about anything else dear

9. Jonathan - February 16, 2008

Hi there,
I need to know if you guys just plain dumb or you pretend to be one. No one is gonna give you any info regarding the test. so BEAT it..

10. Raza waheed - February 16, 2008

Come on dear, lemee tell you if you want to know anything, any thing just type these 6 words google with .com in you web browser and put your query, you find the answer definitely Plz please don’t ask this variety of question again in any form…. hiihih just kidding. Here is you url enjoy http://www.prometric.com/Candidates/default.htm

11. alok das - October 4, 2009

Dear all,

I have plan to sit for Juniper exam JN-100 and JN-342 but have no question dump.please email me bd_alok@yahoo.com if u have any idea or DUMP.


12. Danish Umar - July 23, 2010

@ Saim:
U can find it on prometric websites when gonna register to take exam it will give u the details where do u want to pursue ur exam…

13. mintsoft123 - May 26, 2015

where is juniper course offered in islamabad

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