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Intel Sets up WiMAX Ventures with Orascom and Enertel April 27, 2007

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This article is from from the June 2006 WiMax report, comment if you have any update on the subject.


Intel Sets up WiMAX Ventures with Orascom and Enertel

Intel Capital, the venture capital investment arm of Intel Corporation, has announced agreements to form WiMAX joint ventures with two firms, Egypt’s Orascom Telecom and Enertel Holding of the Netherlands. Intel will set up Orascom Telecom WiMAX Limited with Orascom Telecom and Worldmax with Enertel. Both investments are expected to be completed shortly, following the fulfilment of certain conditions and the receipt of various approvals. The telco partners will be the majority shareholders, with Intel as the lead investor. Orascom Telecom WiMAX Ltd will focus its efforts on working with governments and companies throughout the Middle East and parts of Asia to obtain suitable spectrum for the deployment of WiMAX services. The creation of the new firm is the first fruits of Intel’s Middle East and Turkey capital fund which was set up in November 2005.

Meanwhile, Worldmax is targeting the deployment of WiMAX services in the Netherlands. In addition to funding and personnel, Enertel is also contributing its nationwide 80MHz of 3.5GHz spectrum to support the new joint venture. No financial details were disclosed. Intel Capital has already made investments in the likes of PIPEX Wireless in the UK, DBD in Germany, Unwired Australia, Neovia of Brazil and MVSNet in Mexico, and is also working with infrastructure vendors such as Navini Networks and Beceem Communications. In addition, it has agreed to invest
USD600 million in wireless broadband operator Clearwire, Intel and Motorola have invested a total of USD900 million in the US-based wireless broadband operator Clearwire. Intel has agreed to pump USD600 million into the firm which currently offers services using proprietary technology developed by its subsidiary NextNet Wireless. Motorola, meanwhile, will pay USD300 million to acquire NextNet and
take an unspecified stake in Clearwire.

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